A downloadable game for Windows

Tenacious Tanks is a free-to-play, local-multiplayer, fast-paced arena brawler, where up to 4 players challenge each other in head-to-head tactical combat!

The action-packed gameplay features bouncing projectiles, various items and deadly traps! The last tank that remains standing is declared the winner!

Help us make the game better! If you played the game, we would greatly appreciate it if you filled out this short survey!

Thanks to Alexander Hager for voicing our Announcer!

Install instructions

Playing the game is as simply as downloading the .ZIP archive, extracting it and launching TenaciousTanks.exe!

If you want to get continuous updates, you can get them via the itch app!


tenacious-tanks-win.zip 147 MB
Version 1.0 Apr 30, 2020

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