Tenacious Patch - 0.3

We updated some stuff! Here's a quick rundown:


  • The aim of the tank is slightly faster and snappier.
  • We adapted some item chances, to make the round progression more interesting.
  • Made the shield a bit larger.
  • Projectile speed is now affected by tank speed; that means that if you are slowed, projectiles will be slower as well.


  • (Hopefully) fixed a bug where players can glitch themselves through a wall.
  • The player now has a bit more haptic feedback while connecting their controllers.
  • Fixed a bug where the draw and win screens could show simultaneously.


  • We changed the UI a bit, so it doesn't overlap the gameplay as much.
  • We gave the tanks some more personality, by coloring their death explosion in their individual color!
  • We updated the laser particle to give it more bzzzztt!

We also added a "How to play" menu, where you can take a look at the controls and the items!

As always, we'd love some feedback on these changes!

Tanks for reading this! 



tenacious-tanks-win.zip 147 MB
Version 0.3 Mar 09, 2020

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