Tenacious Patch - 0.4

This patch consists mostly of quality-of-life changes and bugfixes.

Nothing too exciting, but stuff that had to be done!


  • Traps now activate mines and destroy wooden crates! We hope that this change leads to a better, immersive experience!
  • Nerfed the stun time on players for ice effects.
  • Players now start diagonally in a 1v1 scenario.
  • We adapted and refined some of the hitboxes.
  • We buffed the laser trap!
  • Item Buffs: Missle
  • Item Nerfs: Ghost, Mine
  • Traps now reset their recharge progress upon being frozen.


  • Fixed a bug where the speedboost effect would remain after the player died.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would still follow a player after their death.
  • Fixed a bug where players could pause during the round countdown.
  • Fixed a bug where players could navigate the UI after selecting a post-game option.
  • Fixed a bug where players would lose UI focus in the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the armored heart would spin around in frenzy upon pickup.
  • Fixed a bug where players could launch themselves into the air.
  • Fixed a bug where ice objects wont freeze the player.
  • Players now have more haptic feedback in the connector menu.
  • The item menu can now wrap around, and the item ID is moved to its own cardboard item.


  • We added small indicators at the bottom of the tower in the middle, to allow players to see the state of the tower, even if the top is not visible.
  • We moved the "target" board on the tower further down, to indicate that the tower can be shot.
  • Explosives now leave an explosion crater upon detonating.
  • We updated the visual of the burning ground.
  • We updated the lightning particles of the tower.

Tanks for reading this! 


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