Tenacious Patch - 0.1

We're currently tweaking around parameters and polishing the game as much as we can, to provide you with the best experience once we release the game! At the moment we are only holding closed, supervised playtests, which is where our feedback is coming from.

Let me give you a rundown of the changes:


  • We added a quick restart option after the rounds, so you don't have to quit to the menu and create a new lobby after a game.
  • We realized the fire bullet, ghost, ice bullet and ice bomb were fun items, so we buffed them slightly, and upped their chances to be received!
  • We lowered the chances to obtain a speedboost.
  • We removed the janky colliders from the outer walls - they are completely flat now.
  • We slightly increased the aim speed of the gun.
  • We slightly re-positioned the camera, so players have a better view of what is going on.


  • Item chests now no longer spawn when the game is already over.


  • The explosion effect now matches the exact explosion radius.
  • Added a graphical indicator for the ice bomb.
  • Burning hexes now have more flames!

We plan on testing these changes really soon, so we'll keep you updated on how they impact the gameplay!

Tanks for reading this!


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