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Hey there!

We're the Tenacious Team, and this is our first (almost) published game Tenacious Tanks!

This is a local-multiplayer, competitive arena brawler, where 2 to 4 players challenge each other to find out who is the last tank standing! The projectiles that the tanks shoot bounce off the wall once, allowing for tricky plays. Additionally, you can collect diverse items during the matches, which allow for unique strategies and amazing outplay potential!

We are currently in the final development phase - the main gameplay is there, we just need to iron out the last bugs, and polish things. Keep an eye out for our upcoming release!

This devblog will serve as a place where we will post regular developer updates and patch notes. Feel free to start a discussion if you are interested about any details, or want to provide feedback on changes!


the Tenacious Team

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